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Doodle, Draw & Appliqué on a Sewing Machine

July 27

No experience needed - bring your machine or practise on ours

Sue Hazell - Sewing Tuition - Doodle, Draw & Appliqué Workshop

You can learn on this one day workshop, how to:


  • Use our designs or your own

  • Apply to your fabric

  • Adapt your (or ours) sewing machine

  • Draw out your design with the machine

  • Colour in details with thread by machine

  • Add surface detail such as applique

  • Embellish to complete your design

  • Everything included for your day


If you’ve never used your sewing machine to draw with before, then you’re in for a treat!

We will teach you the ins and outs of freehand machine embroidery & applique -2 classes in 1 !

We use gorgeous threads and loom stat calico or linen & you will create textured, layered pieces of your own design - or ours.

- Included: Professional Tuition, your sealed fabric packs & Cake !

Arrive: 9.50am - finish around 3pm

Location: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5UY

  • 1 day workshops £187.00 (Saturday or Sunday £207.00)

  • 2 day courses £374.00 - assorted topics

  • 3 day courses £561.00 - assorted topics

  • 4 day courses £748.00 - assorted topics

  • 5 day courses £935.00 - assorted topics

  • 10 day Certificate Courses £2,847.00 (deduct £200.00 if weekday chosen)


Comment from FaceBook.


"Had a great time on the day and can't wait to do more courses.


Sue is a really thorough teacher and has lots of little tips and tricks up her sleeve!"


Jo B.  Oxfordshire

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