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 Sue Hazell - Cert. Ed. (PCE)

Sue’s Sewing History:

  • Interior Designer Seamstress to:

     - Fired Earth

     - John Dickens 

     - Stow Interiors

     - Right Interiors

     - Pipkin Interiors

     - Judy St. Johnston of Chelsea

     - Window Design Soft Furnishings

     - Nicholas Ullyott of Present Solutions

  • Wedding, Bridesmaid & Ballgown Seamstress

  • Luxury Italian & Spanish Villa consultant

  • French & Italian Farmhouse Furnisher

  • Tartan Cottage Children's Clothing

  • Sewing Magazine Contributor

  • Working with British Architects

  • Product Design Consultant

Sue holds the National Teaching Certificate for Tutoring Adults, teaching all aspects of soft furnishings. She lectures nation-wide, training interior designers staff and those wishing to enter the Soft Furnishings business themselves. She also teaches those wishing to furnish their own or friends home.

Students have travelled from as far as Victoria BC Canada, Maryland & Florida U.S.A., Eire, France, Spain, Zimbabwe, Germany, Finland, Belgium, New Delhi, NSW Australia, New Zealand to Edinburgh. She also involved with The Arts & Craft network based in Oxfordshire, which brings together tutors to share ideas, experiences and problems.

Sue Hazell | Sewing Tuition

A sample of Sues' Loose Cover work

If you cannot do it alone, let us do it together!

Who watches over Sewing Days ?

Sue Hazell | Sewing Tuition
Sue Hazell | Sewing Tuition

The 1st BBC Good Homes Show at the N.E.C. Birmingham, brought audiences of 200 plus per session, to see Sue demonstrate her skills in 11 sessions over a period of 5 days.  She showed how to have High Style Window Dressings at Low Cost, also demonstrating the basics of Headboard & Loose Cover Making.

Sue has since demonstrated Loose Cover making at BBC Good Homes Show for the AMUSF 
(The Association of Master Upholsterers & Soft Furnishers

She runs her own Soft Furnishing Business, being a specialist in Arch Window Treatments and Loose Covers. Her approach is the easier way to make soft furnishings from low cost fabrics with emphasis on style, taking the mystery out of working with fabrics, and also knowing how Adults learn best as Adults.

Sue is teaching her grandchildren to sew - they need to see the fascination of how things can be created.  The variety of textures, colours and how to use pins along with scissors safely.


Sue passed a lot of her sewing skills to her daughter & now the next generation are getting hooked.

Sue Hazell | Sewing Tuition
Sue Hazell | Sewing Tuition
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