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Janome Sewing Machine Beginners - 1 Day

Oct 31, Nov 17, Jan 16, Feb 22, March 8, 23, April 24, May 17,

June 19, 22, July 24

FREE gift if booking before May 2024

Nervous about using a Janome Sewing Machine - if so, spend a day with us loving it !

Sewing Machine bottom 2.jpg

Let us help you love your machine or just try ours before shopping for one - we don't sell them, but can help you choose what is best for your sewing needs


You can learn on this course how to:


  • Select the various stitches

  • Change the feet

  • Change the needle

  • Threads to use


  • Explore the range of stitches

  • De-mystify the controls

  • Tend to the tensions


  • Sew in a straight line

  • Turn corners

  • See what it can do for you!


Fabric included to make something to take home


You do not have to own a machine to attend this one day course - try ours before you buy !

Recommended list if you want to buy a new machine

- Included: Professional Tuition, your sealed fabric packs & Cake !

Arrive: 9.50am - finish around 3pm

Location: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5UY

  • 1 day workshops £187.00 (Saturday or Sunday £207.00)

  • 2 day courses £374.00 - assorted topics

  • 3 day courses £561.00 - assorted topics

  • 4 day courses £748.00 - assorted topics

  • 5 day courses £935.00 - assorted topics

  • 10 day Certificate Courses £2,847.00 (deduct £200.00 if weekday chosen)

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Hello Sue,


I am thrilled to have found your sewing classes after all my searching !  The fact you have a Janome day was a bonus.


I have since rekindled my love of sewing as I approach taking life a bit easier - a bit of 'me time' :)


Best wishes & looking forward to attending your Craft workshop, Jan in Hereford.

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