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Janome Sewing Machine Beginners - 1 Day

May 16, June 20, July 24

FREE gift if booking 2024

Nervous about using a Janome Sewing Machine - if so, spend a day with us loving it !

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Let us help you love your machine or just try ours before shopping for one - we don't sell them, but can help you choose what is best for your sewing needs


You can learn on this course how to:


  • Select the various stitches

  • Change the feet

  • Change the needle

  • Threads to use


  • Explore the range of stitches

  • De-mystify the controls

  • Tend to the tensions


  • Sew in a straight line

  • Turn corners

  • See what it can do for you!


Fabric included to make something to take home


You do not have to own a machine to attend this one day course - try ours before you buy !

Recommended list if you want to buy a new machine

- Included: Professional Tuition, your sealed fabric packs & Cake !

Arrive: 9.50am - finish around 3pm

Location: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5UY

  • 1 day workshops £187.00 (Saturday or Sunday £207.00)

  • 2 day courses £374.00 - assorted topics

  • 3 day courses £561.00 - assorted topics

  • 4 day courses £748.00 - assorted topics

  • 5 day courses £935.00 - assorted topics

  • 10 day Certificate Courses £2,847.00 (deduct £200.00 if weekday chosen)

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Hello Sue,


I am thrilled to have found your sewing classes after all my searching !  The fact you have a Janome day was a bonus.


I have since rekindled my love of sewing as I approach taking life a bit easier - a bit of 'me time' :)


Best wishes & looking forward to attending your Craft workshop, Jan in Hereford.

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